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About Us

Who We Are

We are an ethical brand called #notforme positively impacting the lives of young people across the country through fashion and the creative arts such as music and spoken word.

What We Do

We reach out to young people who express disempowerment and demoralisation in negating circumstances and present to them alternative life strategies. Our ethos is encouraging and empowering those transitioning through adolescence to think independently, creatively and strategically about their personal circumstances.

Creator of #notforme's Story

At 17 years old I was stabbed inches away from my spine in an attack by a large group of youths because they thought my friends and I were members of a rival gang. I was fortunate enough to survive my attack but many young people aren't as lucky and end up dying in the streets from violent knife attacks or end up in prison because they're are the ones holding the knifes. My experiences are my motivation in contributing to a better future for our young people by encouraging independent thinking rather than following the status quo and creative and strategic decision making through the arts and fashion.


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